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R. Bishop

On time, on budget, superb quality. Thank you both for your professionalism and for your kindness, for any other project that may arise i will surely count on you.

R. Bishop

Aaron Mathews

Great experience all around. Minimal stress great work. I love how the project has turned out. Despite not knowing us, you captured the ideas we had for the space.

A. Mathews

L. Alvarez

Met our expectations achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality. … we value that the timeline and the agreed upon budget was kept. Thank you for the efficiency and quality work your team provided us during this project, I thank you for all your attention to detail and suggestions along the way …

L. Alvarez

Jeff K.

Precise Design was an excellent partner for us as we evolved our workspace and our business through a period of great transformation … Thank you for giving us a simply spectacular workspace.

Jeff K.

It was a privilege to have this company complete the renovation on my apartment.

I have been 100% satisfied from the beginning to the end of my project. The bid was detailed and competitive. The work was started on time and completed early and every member of the team was highly qualified and their desire was to make me happy. Design suggestions and money saving options were made available to me and texts and phone calls were answered immediately, even in the evenings and on the weekends. I have done many construction projects and I have very high standards which were definitely met. After completing my recent project with Precise Design Inc., I would not consider using another company.

Sarah Williams

Excellent work at reasonable prices

Precision Design was one of the best interior remodeling and construction contractor’s I had the pleasure of working with. The work was professional and timely. Precision knows how to work in your home without creating a mess. They are very dillegent and respectful of your property and time. I will always call Precision first.

Michael Lipari
Total Electrical Construction Douglaston

I needed some drywall patch

I needed some drywall patch and repair work and some advice on a huge crack I had over the bay window in my living room in addition to painting the entire first floor and second floor hallway and stairs. I read some reviews about Precise Design and gave them a call. Diego and Aldemar came by the next day and looked at my issue. They were very receptive to my concerns and very customer oriented. We agree to patch the holes, paint the first floo, repair the crack over the window and replace a bay window sill in the living room, they sent a proposal. Work started the next week. Their workers came on time and were very polite and helpful. Diego and/or Aldemar came by every day. They were neat and did a fantastic job. The work was very professional and my wife and I are extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend them for any renovation work that you may need. I will definitely use them for any future work I may need.

Edward Perez

My Contractors for Life!!

I used Precise Design for my recent bathroom renovation and am absolutely over the moon to have found them.
I live in a historical 1936 Co-Op in Sunnyside and needed not only a complete gut job renovation, but required a circuit breaker to fuse box upgrade as well as little repairs throughout my apartment. Aldemar, Diego, Hugo and Fermin were my team – and ARE my team for any future work. 
CUSTOMER SERVICE: They were ALWAYS 5 minutes early every single day – which frankly, amazed me given parking in Queens and my past renovation experiences. They kept in immediate touch with me during the process via phone or text if they had a question, but also email (as I would send design ideas back and forth to Diego and Aldemar for their opinions on form and function for finishes that I wanted to include in the process). They were INCREDIBLY respectful on my space – treating it as their own as far as cleanliness, organization of materials and in making sure nothing was damaged in the process. A past contractor damaged my shoe moldings loading materials into my foyer and left things damaged. Not Precise. They were aware of my budget, so when issues occurred (in a gut job of a 1936 untouched bathroom, I was surprised that there weren’t actually MORE) we discussed solutions, cost, the process and time required – all factors affecting the progress of the renovation moving forward and how to keep the end result as close to budget as possible. Carolina, the Executive Assistant – was patient, positive and delightful when my Co-Op board kicked back paperwork requiring absolutely ridiculous hoops to jump through. At the end of every day, at 345pm (my Co-Op requires a stop work at 4pm) I would go to the apartment as they would ask for me and they would show me what they had accomplished tell me what was in store for the next day and ask “Are you happy?” If I had ANY questions or concerns we would discuss strategies and solutions and I would reconnect with them as far as what I needed to decide upon for the next day to text an answer so in the morning they would go to the store to get what they needed to continue the process. For example; the flooring was laid down and they showed me the work, they needed an answer as to the color of grout. That evening, I would take a look at choices, text Aldemar and let him know my answer, he would confirm. The next morning they brought the grout, did a little showed me to confirm that was what I wanted and we moved on. Fantastic. I was always happy. What was the deciding factor for me after interviewing 12 contractors was, as a woman who was heading up this project, they treated me with absolute respect. Never once did they talk down to me or treat me as someone who didn’t know what she was talking about, which occurred with several other contractors I interviewed. My partner would be present but it was made very clear that this was my project. Case in point; having lived in this apartment for 15 years, I knew that at one point there was a recessed medicine cabinet above the sink. When I would show each candidate the project and describe what I wanted – each would either ignore my request or condescend this element with, “No, let me tell you how bathrooms work.” Ignoring the fact that I knew there was framing inside that wall as I had seen in neighboring apartments in the same line making the cabinet possible. Aldemar and Diego instead looked at me, examined the wall and nodded and said okay. All the while scribbling furiously on a notepad taking detailed notes.
Aldemar even suffered my design stress moments. We installed a shower niche – which was a new design element for me so there were design decisions that I had never thought of that I encountered – for example – we have 2; a large one for large bottles and a small one for jars, razors, loofahs etc. Which goes on top? They installed it with the small on top – which is customary. They green boarded, waterproofed and began to tile and I had a huge stressor. Based on the height of the shower niches, they needed to be reversed or I couldn’t see into the small niche. I texted Aldemar at 11pm panicking. He immediately responded asking for pictures. I sent him pictures and he said that if that is what I wanted – it was still possible so they will fix it in the morning. Done and done.  
Finally, on a personal level; myself and my partner had to live in the space with our 2 dogs during the renovation. We arranged for them to leave during the day but had to come home each night. Aldemar and his team are dog people. They understood our need to keep the space clean and safe for our boys but also had HUGE smiles and scratches each morning when they arrived. They showed us pictures of their dogs and it solidified that they understood us as people and not just as a contract. They were in our home and it wasn’t just a project. 

QUALITY OF WORK: They are perfectionists. The framing and bones of the project were made flawless. Aldemar kept saying; “I am going to make this so it lasts longer than you”. To which I replied – “Great! I never want to worry about it again”. Any issue we had was the Co-Ops responsibility. For example; upon demo-ing the wall we discovered the ancient boiler pipe was cracked spewing hot steam into the walls rotting the 2x4s and the valves weren’t holding. It all needed to be replaced. My super wanted to just cover the pipe with insulation and didn’t want to replace the outdated valves. Aldemar said “You are not going to do all of this work, only to have the insides rot away so you have to come back and do it all again”. I insisted the Co-Op call their plumber to have it repaired and the valves replaced. Aldemar sat with the plumber and they strategized how to fix it without further destroying my apartment nor the one underneath. They came up with a solution but also thought ahead. They replaced the pipe, updated the valves and installed a hidden panel so if ever the Co-Op needs to look in the walls, you remove the panel. Full access, no demo. No mess. And hidden. Forethought.
For the cosmetic aspect, I had all of my finishes chosen ahead of time and sitting in my living room. I have known what I wanted for a long time and did not want the late delivery of a finish to delay anything. Also, if I had an idea or a product, I would show Aldemar the actual item and if there was a problem – say it was the wrong size, or it wasn’t quite right I had time to correct the issue. For the wall tile, I chose a high gloss, hand-made wavy subway tile that required a true pro and artist for installation. Enter Hugo and Fermin. These gents are meticulous. The grout lines are hidden and perfectly straight and they were conservative in their cuts so I was able to return any unused product. I also did not go all the way up to the ceiling which required a deft hand in the pencil tile edging. Flawless. For the floors, I did a white herringbone tile with dark gray grout. They considered which direction the pattern needed to go in, the color of the edging around the tub and walls – details I never even considered. I got my recessed medicine cabinet – but went with a custom hexagon shape which also required a pro to install given that it does not sit on a flat edge but instead sits on a point. We had multiple discussions as to the height of the cabinet given my height (I am tall) but also the height of future owners. My mid century modern record cabinet turned custom vanity and vessel sink with wall mounted faucet were measured considering not only the height of the cabinet but also the space needed for someone washing their hands or bending over to wash their face or brush their teeth. All of which were Aldemars consideration. We discussed little details such as the placement and height of the lights switches and wall outlet, height of the shower curtain surround, toilet rod placement, towel rod placement. Form and function were all considered. Not only did it have to function perfectly but I wanted it to be beautiful. These are my guys for any future project. They even framed out my new circuit breaker box because coding required it to be in a very obvious, in your face place in my foyer so they framed it in molding so that if you had to look at it – it was at least beautiful. We put in dimmer switches throughout the apartment, recessed lighting and vanity lighting on dimmers in the bathroom as well – all of which are AMAZING. These are my guys. Upon final inspection by the Co-Op, the board president asked for their information. 

ISSUES AND TIME LINE: Truly and surprisingly, we had few. And none were because of Precise. We had the boiler pipe and valve replacement surprise, and the shower niche switch. Due to Co-Op hiccups; our start date was delayed a week due to paperwork kickbacks and 4 days due to a boiler pipe replacement (Co-Op responsibility). The project took a month, which was within the initial ballpark of the 3.5 weeks estimation.

I would highly recommend this company and plan on using them again as my first choice. Friendly, punctual, and excellent at what they do.

Jennifer Lynn Byrne

I couldn’t have had a

I couldn’t have had a better experience with Precise Design. Not only do they offer excellent customer service, but they’re efficient and honest. They knew exactly what my plumbing issue was, came prepared and fixed it in no time. I was beyond satisfied with their services. Highly recommended!!!

Marcela Garzon

Douglaston Basement Renovation

We want to acknowledge the work Precise Design Inc. did for our Queens house basement renovation. We are very happy with the quality of the work, the professionalism and the integrity of all workers involved, particularly Diego, Aldemar and Eddie. Their price was fair and they kept their word completing the job in the agreed time frame. Any questions we had (and there were alot!) were answered respectfully and in a timely way. The workers all reported on time and put in a full days’ work. Eddie made sure that everything was cleaned and shining before they packed up. Even my windows were washed! Diego continued to check in even after the job was completed to make sure all was well.
We would highly recommend this company to New York City homeowners in particular, as they knew the codes that are essential for safe construction activities. Our grandkids are especially enjoying their new play area. Thank you Precise Design, Inc!

Harriet and Richard Spivack

They do an amazing job.Serious

They do an amazing job.
Serious and responsible staff.
Thank you

Lorena Galvez

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